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Featured Loadouts #1!

| August 19, 2013 | 1 Comment

Check out our first featured loadout from our very own staff member RUSSELL!

Ah, the loadout. The piece in airsoft where you get to go full out on originality or go mainstream.

Personally,I go for what works best. Sometimes what works the best has a bit pricey cost.
So lets jump into my personal loadout, why I have bought certain things and why I have placed them where they are.
CRYE PRECISION G3 with Airflex Combat Knee Pads nuff’ said.
-Combat Shirt
I have been using the Massif Combat Shirt. It is the best combat shirt in my mind due to its ability to stretch and conform to your torso. Plus its Fire Resistant. Note, I would not attempt to test this.
-The First Line
Personally, I rely a lot more on my first line then I do then my second line.
I have tried many different War belts and inner belts in the past. The ones that have worked for me are as follows,
-For my Inner Belt I use the Endom-MM CM Combat Belt.
This inner belt has risen to the top for mainly its ITW 2” Snap Dragon buckle. The buckle stops from accidental opening as well as featuring a quick-detach pull tab.
The belt also includes a molle strip on the inner side of the belt for stand-alone use which I have done. 
-On my search for the perfect War Belt, The HSGI Sure Grip came up on top for its insane build quality and its use of neoprene padding for an incredible grip to your body so it will not move while you are on the run.
Now lets move on to my choice of pouches. Which pretty much determines how effective your first line will be,
-Mag Pouches
I use many different pouches on both my first and second line. For my first line I use The Tactical Tailor Flight Light Double Mag Panel. I have chosen this pouch to be on my immediate belt because of how light the pouch actually is. I have it on the left side of my person because when I reload it is the easiest, and most comfortable way of reloading.
I have been using different holsters and the best one for me is the Blackhawk Serpa Level 1. I have many mounts for the holster and currently am using the CQC mount on my first line. I also do use the leg mount as well as an HSGI leg mount which I will get to later in the post.
-Utility Pouches
There is always something you need to stow quickly and for me I looked around and have been using the ATS Small Horizontal GP Pouch. It is perfect because it is completely flush with the top and bottom of the HSGI Sure Grip.
-Dump Pouch
This is the only condor piece of gear I own and will ever be. I just haven’t gotten around to purchasing a new pouch. It is not even worth buying due to how bad the build quality is.
-Leg Rigs
I love using leg rigs. On my left leg I have been using an HSGI Leg panel with One single HSGI TACO and one Kangoroo HSGI TACO.
Although the HSGI TACO’s are crazy expensive they are the most versatile pouches on the market. Being able to take almost every single style mag out there. Just by a pull of the shock cord.
-Second Line
Although I rely much more on my first line, I really do like my second line over my first. There are a lot of different “high speed low drag” plate carriers, chest rigs and soft armor out on the market which include things such as JPC’s, 6094′s, The ten speed chest rigs, but I have choosen the Shellback Tactical Banshee.
-Plate Carriers
 I have had this plate carrier for just under two years now and have owned two. The reason I love this Plate carrier so much is for its comfort-ability, molle real-estate, and its ability to take medium sized plates. It rides very high(if you adjust it correctly) so you this allows for easy access to first lines and other belt accessories.
-Front Panel
I try to keep the most possible off my front just because if you run things such as double stack mags, they may stick out too far and become snared on different things. I have tried many “panel” style mag pouches in the past including Condor(eww), Tactical Tailor, BFG Ten-Speed Helium Whisper, and Esstac Kywi’s.
I am pleased to say the Esstac Kiwi’s have risen to the top due to its Kydex insert that keep the mag perfectly still in the pouch, unlike other pouches that may not do so.
-Rear Panel
I try to keep most of my equipment on my back mainly because, as already said I hate having lots of gear on my front. The rear panel consists of three pouches. A Tactical Tailor Flight Light Operator Pack, a PIG 2L Hydration Carrier and an HSGI Radio Pouch.
There are many different packs on the market, and the Operator pack has really “spoken” to me. For one, it is incredibly light, and mainly two it features a quick-detach 4 clip system to release the pack off you. When you are running the pack on your first line you can fold in the normal “Backpack style straps” into a compartment which can also store hydration. Alike the quick-detach the straps can come on or off with a simple squeeze of two clips.
I have chosen the PIG(SKDTAC’s brand) 2L Hydration pouch mainly because it is flush with the top and the bottom of the plate carrier. This means it does not hang of the bottom of the plate carrier. It is also perfect for holding Polarstar Air tanks.
For this last and final pouch on my rear panel I have the HSGI Radio Pouch. I use this for holding my radio, and for holding extra chem lights.
I attempt to keep my Cummerbund very clear, for it is comfortable for me. SO I only have small item such as my Blue Force Gear Double Pistol Mag Pouch, and my Blue Force Gear Tourniquet NOW! Strap.
-Pistol Mag pouch
There are lots of pistol mag pouches but the BFG pouch is one of the best. It is very low profile so even when there is nothing in the pouch it stays flat with the cummerbund. I usually place one extra KSC Glock 18C mag in one side and the speed loader in the other. 
-Tourniquet Strap
Now I kow “why use a tourniquet in airsoft”, well I do not. Instead I use this strap to hold paracord. it is always good to have some on you.
I love to have different patches from anyone else. Patches no one has every seen. I have included a list of where I have purchased my patches.
To make a loadout look great you need to have good headgear. I run two different styles depending on the warmth of the day. I will run a Fast helmet, or a ball cap with Comtacs.
-Helmet Loadout
For the base helmet I am using an Emerson Replica FAST Helmet, I have chosen this helmet because of how it fits and its many accessories that you may purchase for it.
Just to make the helmet better I have purchased two items, the bungee you see is the War Sport Bungee Kit. It features this ITW clip that allows you to hold items such as chem lights, tourniquet’s, and MS2000′s. I also have equipped a V-lite just to have on top as an added extra. I do however use to signal when I am out in play.
-BallCap Loadout
For my ball cap I chose the HSGI cap mainly because of its sewn in Flag and its bungee adjustment system on  the back.
-Eye Pro
I use three different types of eye protection, Boogie Regulators, Revision Hell fly’s, and Revision Desert Locust’s.
-Regulators I usually run these in mid climate due to their great ventilation through a series of holes on the top.
-Revision Hellfly’s I use these in warmer conditions since they are shooting glasses they rarely fog up.
Price $59.99
-Lastly I like to use the revision Locust’s in colder climates, since they do fog the most out of the other eye wear.
Ah, now we have reached the rifle segment, I use two main heavily upgraded rifles. The VFC Scar L, and the VFC PDW. Which has been discontinued by VFC to my knowledge, but you may buy the elite force version.
I love both of my rifles. My pdw fitted more to indoor play and my scar fitted to outdoor play.
I have dropped roughly $1200 on my pdw and 500 on my scar. Soon I will own my very own Polarstar!
I hope you enjoyed my loadout and make sure to purchase some of these items for yourself!
-All in all if you would like to purchase this exact loadout it would cost you upwards of $2600.
 By the way there is one last thing to to mention and my most prized possession.
My Special Operations Gear Combat Cock.
P.S Completely worth it.
To finish if off Full kit pics!
Note* I am not using my Pack nor my War belt currently


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Russell Horn is our newest AirSim Media staff member, he is actively involved with ROTC and of course AIRSOFT!

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